Where I Wait - Aristókrasía Version

Rework of a song by Null + Void & Dave Gahan.

I had the opportunity to reaarrange a song by one of my favourite electro artists, Null + Void, featuring vocals by Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode. I rearranged the song for strings and a broken celesta, creating a very different backdrop for Dave's voice. My rework was released alongside a remix by Alva Noto.

Check out the video by fmk7 - featuring Dave in 3D.

I really like how the song is written, with a long progression of chords and a bit old fashioned romantic melody. When I was creating the arrangement I had an image in my mind of a 19th century Viennese salon but somehow timewarped so it’s set in the future too. You could picture Dave there, performing with a string quartet to a group of steam punks and aricrats who are all dressed in black. The room is full of vapour and smoke.

From a feature in Nothing but Hope and Passion.
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