Reykjavík GPS

A location based composition for downtown Reykjavík, created in collaboration with Halldór Eldjárn.

The composition Reykjavík GPS is an ode to the centre of Reykjavík, its past, present and future. The music is connected to specific GPS coordinates in the city centre so you will hear it change as you walk through town. Each member of the audience chooses an individual path through the composition, experiencing the music and the city in their own way. The music resembles a hidden landscape, an invisible city within the city, waiting to be explored.

In order to enjoy the piece you'll need a smartphone with headphones. To listen you have to be located downtown in Reykjavík. On you smartphone, open your browser and enter this address:

Now you're ready to walk around and listen to the music.

Read the interview with Úlfur and Halldór in  The Reykjavík Grapevine

Read the interview with Úlfur and Halldór in The Reykjavík Grapevine

it’s weird that we have all this technology, but we’re still relying on a very conservative way of listening
In an era where we have video games, massive interaction in social media and all kinds of immersive experiences. I think it’s obvious that there needs to be more musical experiments in that field—because music is perfect for this.

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